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Indoor Playground And Love - How They Are The Same

indoor playgroundThere are lots of practical reasons to opt for an indoor commercial playground versus an outdoor setting. In urban centers where outside space is a superior, making meaningful, healthy fitness and social opportunities for kids can be challenging. For companies, creating a indoor playground can be great way to expand customer amenities in a way that the entire family can enjoy.
Not every climate is adapting to year round play. In cold northern climates, outdoor playgrounds have a limited season of usage, although not limited during the winter season, cold weather conditions make it less desirable for families to enjoy them. In hot climates as well, the extreme temperatures can have the exact same effect on reducing the amount of playtime that children can utilize at a park or playground.
We American Parks Company have helped a variety of businesses create the perfect indoor playground for a Wide Selection of commercial and community applications such as:

The Hospitality IndustryWith the increasing cost of global travel, new national hotels are increasing their worth with a plethora of family-friendly activities for kids of all ages. Indoor playgrounds, with comfortable parent supervision areas, invite vacationers to remain close by with a plethora of activities that offer fitness and fun in a safe, indoor hotel environment.
Restaurants which are popular with children are carrying out the comprehensive approach to their dining establishments as well. There is an increasing trend in America of hosting birthday celebrations at an activity center where kids can have access to a vast selection of recreational experiences. Restaurants and private event businesses need dependable, higher quality and durable commercial playground equipment to stand up to the rigor of heavy traffic. Our indoor play structures can entertain a vast array of ages and skills, and is designed to last a long time.

Residential and Municipal Community Centers Many municipalities and HOA communities that have centrally located facilities and amenities decide to set up commercial play structures inside to make them accessible all year round. Doing this allows for adequate supervision while benefiting from climate controlled park environments. If your organization is seeking to make an indoor playground to be used by the residents of the community, American Parks Company gets got the indoor playground equipment play structures to suit your project. We'll help you determine what is right for your budget and your distance. A well-planned facility can make use of indoor playground gear without sacrificing much valuable square footage.
Health Care FacilitiesBecause of all of the bodily and mental health benefits of commercial playground equipment, hospitals and therapy centers are taking advantage of indoor playgrounds. Not only can they assist the young with rebounding from operations and injuries, but they make for good daycare playgrounds for children of employees and workers. On-site child care for healthcare professionals is another growing trend, and healthcare facilities offering such amenities tend to keep staff. Studies also have shown that ill or wounded children that get to perform and socialize with other kids, like on an indoor park, tend to be more joyful; and their elevated moods can reduce recovery times.
Learn more about the entire choice of indoor play structures we offer by visiting the commercial park equipment subcategory of the website. Whether you're searching for a little, toddler friendly park suitable for daycare or preschool facilities, or a large daring structure, our group of specialists can help you choose and build the very best playground for your budget.
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