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Our products include a full range of Indoor & Outdoor Playground, Tampoline, Ropes Courses Develop and so on. We have standard workshop, professional production equipment and product exhibition hall, Since our establishment, all workers are striving for product quality.

You Want Indoor Playground?

Do you wish to start an indoor playground but have no idea where to start? Let's go over the differences of the 2 options.
By moving the franchise route, you are not alone on your journey to opening. Our dedicated and professional team is here to assist you each step along the way, beginning with your own location. We will conduct an extensive market evaluation in your chosen area or areas, and find the ideal match for the Luv 2 Play brandnew. Our commercial realtor will begin discovering potential buildings to your new business, and handle working with the local realtor on the required steps.
You will be assigned a project manager to be your Luv two Play liaison for the remaining part of the process. When the location is determined and the lease is signed, we will help you locate an architect for the project. We do have a spouse architect who will bid the job as well. We highly recommend using this advantage because he and his staff have worked on many Luv two Play places, making for its smoothest architectural stage. While the architect and their team of engineers will be working on your job, our design team will begin the process of designing your custom indoor playground. You'll be able to give feedback in this procedure.
We'll also help locate some general contractors to bid out your project, including some who have partnered with us worked on several places. Your project supervisor will work with your GC to ensure a smooth construction phase.
Also included with the purchase of your own playground is a start up marketing bundle helping get you prepared for grand opening up, theming and signage throughout your space, child sized tables for your celebration rooms, business cards, advertising brochures, and table tent cards, comment pads and comment box, discount cards, art for digital menus, decals, background mural for childhood perceptions rear party room partitions, see through window graphics for outdoor front windows, first staff clothes package, grand opening giveaway package, gift cards, initial purchase of socks for selling, 15 examples of wristbands, and more.
Our team of coaches will come to your website to train your staff in preparation of your grand opening. In addition, we provide ongoing training and service, and are constantly testing new and fun ideas in our corporate stores. Our annual franchisee convention is a fantastic advantage to Luv two Play owners as well.
You'll receive a franchise discount on your own playground equipment. We have worked with sellers and setup accounts to provide you discounts on things like Coca Cola, outside sign, kitchen equipment, etc..
In the end, our years of experience in the industry can help you succeed. If this sounds like the ideal match for you, please visit our website at https://luv2play.com/.
By going the independent route, you will be on your own throughout the process. This is a good solution for those who are proficient in selecting places, negotiating leases, in addition to understand and possess vast experience in the design and construction market.
Whatever course you choose to take, we welcome you and are eager to be part of your trip to owning your very own indoor playground business.
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